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Welcome to Megagreen: Big Tree Nursery and Supply in Vietnam

We provide trees of all sizes and professional services for residential, commercial and government projects. Our retail nursery specializes in providing the varieties, sizes and colors you want in species that thrive in the tropical climate.

Tree Descriptions

In our retail nursery and numerous growing fields, there are more than 300 varieties available to our customers. Our management staff includes a team of horticulturists that are happy to assist clients either at our retail nursery or within your own landscape. We always have nursery staff available to help choose the right trees for the right location. If necessary we offer onsite consulting at your home and landscape to help in this process. We also, by appointment, provide growing field tours to select trees.

Professional Planting Service

We have professional crews ready to install trees purchased from our nursery or tree field. After working to carefully understand the individual planting sites and requirements of our customers, we dispatch crews to install recently purchased trees. Most of our customers choose this option for two main reasons:

1. Trees and their rootballs can be extremely heavy. Once the tree trunk diameter increases, the rootball weight increases exponentially and can weigh 1 ton or more. Our crews carefully use special techniques and equipment to handle the trees while loading, transporting, unloading and getting them installed correctly.

2. All trees purchased from our nursery, or growing field, and installed by our crews are covered by a 1-year warranty. Anytime questions arise about installed trees, our office staff is ready to help.

Utilizing many years of planting experience, our crews control the critical variables associated with a successful tree planting including, soil analysis, staking, correct fertilizing and planting height. A tree planted and cared for correctly will thrive. Those that are not, can suffer stress, reduced growth rate and ultimately fail.

For those customers who have the capability of handling the tree planting, we provide a simple brochure that covers the important aspects of this process. For these clients, we can load your trees on your truck safely or we can deliver the trees to your home.


The need for proper watering amounts is quite simple; trees like moisture present and available all of the time. Trees can be over watered by keeping them sopping wet. Sometimes poor drainage conditions in the soil (clay, hardpan, etc.) can cause roots to be continually immersed in water. This condition deprives the root system of oxygen, and like most living things that aren’t allowed to breathe, the trees will eventually die. Check to make sure that the water applied is draining away from the tree(s). All water should be absorbed within 6 hours, and no puddling should occur in the root zone.

Soil Moisture Test

(Although not highly scientific, this test is very effective.)

Use a trowel to dig down at the root zone approximately 4-6”. Pick up a small handful of soil and squeeze it tightly in the palm of your hand. If the soil has formed slightly to the shape of your palm after you have opened your fist, the soil moisture is ideal. If the soil easily crumbles and falls apart the moisture level is too low, and if you are able to squeeze water from the soil when it is in your fist the soil is too wet.


All trees purchased and installed by us are fertilized with a beneficial soil fertilizer at the time of planting. This should be adequate for the first growing season. When using fertilizer be sure to follow the manufacturers suggested application amount. Spring is generally the best season to fertilize.


Placing a layer of mulch over the tree root zone has many benefits. Organic type mulches help to maintain soil moisture by reducing water evaporation, allowing you to use less water. Organic mulches also moderate the soil temperature, reduce weed growth, slow soil erosion, and can lessen soil compaction. In the long run mulch improves soil structure, improves plant health and encourages growth. A two to four inch layer of mulch is ideal.   When placing mulch be sure that it is pulled back at least six inches from the base of the tree. Placing the mulch right up to the base of the tree can cause decay in the trunk and will result in health problems and even tree death.

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